v2.5 Release

This release covers two changes: (1) account lifecycle updates and (2) virtualized householding aggregation.

Account lifecycle refers to the state accounts transition through throughout its life. We track 4 states:

  • papered: The account is opened and awaiting assets
  • funded: Assets (cash and/or securities) have transferred into the account. It's funded and active.
  • closed: Assets have transferred out of the account because it's being closed out with the custodian.
  • stale: Atlas hasn't received data on this account as part of our regular morning ingestion process. This could either be a data issue with the custodian (atypical) or a terminated relationship (more common). These cases are generally rare.

As part of better account lifecycle management and stale-account detection we've added, removed and renamed many of the fields on accounts, listed in the Field Changes section below.

Household aggregation refers to our new system of aggregating account data into households on the fly, rather than providing pre-computed data. The advantage to this approach is that it's more up to date: as household mappings change, aggregated data will automatically be updated the next time it's fetched. Pre-computing data introduces latency while our system updates the data.

The following endpoints deliver data aggregated for households, on the fly:

  • /data/luca/household-balances
  • /data/luca/household-historical-balances
  • /data/luca/household-security-balances
  • /data/luca/household-holdings

Because data is aggregated on the fly, pagination and filtering works a bit differently. You cannot select on or retrieve details by ID, for example, as there is no primary key ID for this data.

Field Changes

  • Account status field has changed to a human-readable indicator: "funded", "closed" and "papered" are the typical values. There's also a "stale" value for accounts that are unexpectedly dropped from our feed.
  • The following fields on an account were renamed for clarity:
    • opening_date is now first_funded_date
    • last_reporting_date is now last_portfolio_data_date
    • master_number is now advisor_code

The following fields on an account have been removed:

  • fiserv_creation_date
  • last_balances_contributions_qa_dt_utc
  • first_date
  • last_date
  • bm_create_uuid
  • is_luca_migrated
  • luca_migration_dt_utc
  • ssn (these were always faked numbers; we never exposed actual SSNs)
  • is_composite
  • submanager_name
  • is_dummy

New fields on an account include:

  • first_performance_date: when populated, will be considered the first date available for calculating performance
  • first_papered_date: the date the account was first observed on a data feed

The following fields are marked for deprecation; it's not advisable to consume them going forward:

  • short_name
  • entity_id

Additionally, the following fields are exposed for backward compatibility, but are marked for deprecation and shouldn't be consumed going forward. All the values in these fields have fixed, meaningless responses:

  • is_luca_migrated
  • luca_migration_dt_utc
  • ssn
  • is_composite
  • submanager_name
  • is_dummy