Ingestion Status

Status of custodian source data ingestions and notifications.

The status of BridgeFT's daily data feed ingestions can be found at

BridgeFT’s WealthTech Platform receives and processes data from data feeds overnight, delayed by a day. We receive data drops Tuesday through Saturday and begin processing it when it’s made available by the source.

The status page outlines each data feed ingestion status, the start and end time, as well as the duration of each stage of the ingestion process.

RSS Feed

In addition to the status page, BridgeFT also publishes RSS Feeds to notify consumers in real-time as custodian source data is received and data has been normalized. We update the RSS feed as new custodian data is received and normalized. There may be multiple data drops for a single day's data per custodian, therefore multiple notifications per custodian a day will appear in a day.

The general BridgeFT ingestion notification feed can be found at This feed simply reports when data has been received and normalized.

Alternatively, BridgeFT Wealthtech API consumer's can use their application's client_id to view a tailored ingestion status feed with high level information about the custodian data that has been provided and normalized.

An application specific ingestion status feed can be found by providing your application's client_id to the following URL:<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>.

Subscribing to the RSS Feed

There are a variety of tools to subscribe to RSS feeds. BridgeFT recommends for organizations using Slack, to use the /rss command in a dedicated Slack channel. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in any Slack channel by simply using the command /rss {YOUR_RSS_FEED_URL}. The Slack channel will then automatically report new updates to the feed, notifying your organization when data has been normalized.

Future Notifications

As BridgeFT expands the Developer Platform, more types of notifications will be coming online. Developers can expect notifications for ingestion starts, completions, errors, as well as a final digest indicating that all data for a custodian has been reported and is ready to be consumed. Additional notification avenues like email and webhooks are on the horizon as well.