Report Settings

Determines which sub-reports to include / exclude from a report

Printable and web reports are broken down into a collection of sub-reports. Report settings determines which of these sub-reports are visible for a printable and web reports.

For web reports, report settings represent a default view: you can always hide or show a certain report on Atlas after it has been generated. For printable reports, these settings determine the length and complexity of a report.

The same report settings apply to different report views. The applicable view from the report is based on the component field, which can take on one of the following values:

  • printable: for printable reports
  • advisor_defaults: the default view for a firm user, if the logged in user has no user-specific settings
  • client_defaults: the default view for an end-client user
  • user: the settings used if the logged in user has user-specific settings. This setting is useful is two different advisors within a firm want to have different report settings.