January 29, 2024 - v.2023.1.0

🎉 New:
Exchange SSN / Tax ID Token endpoint — allows you to convert encrypted SSN / Tax ID token(s) to the initial value(s) in plain text format. Please take note that PII security measures apply, and additional authorization is required to use this endpoint. For more details, please refer to the SSN / Tax ID Conversion Guide.
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  • Latest reported Source Data can now be retrieved via the new dedicated endpoints. You no longer need to implement filtering to obtain the most recent snapshot of the data reported by your custodian. The new endpoints return the latest reported data by default. This functionality is supported in all our Source Data APIs: Lots, Positions, RGLs, Balances, and Transactions.

🛠 Fixes & Improvements:

  • Filter Source Data endpoints now support filter by account_ids, eliminating the need to implement complex filtering for multiple accounts. Please refer to the APIs references for description of filterable fields, such as the Filter Source Positions endpoint.
  • We have added more test data for the Related Persons sandbox, covering use cases with international phone numbers and addresses. You can use this data to test the Related Persons API with our Demo account.