November - December 20, 2023 - v.2023.1.0

🎉 New:
Source Transactions API - allows you to retrieve the detailed transactional information in addition to existing Source Lots, Positions, RGLs and Balances. The first version of this API provides the main fields and we are working to supplying more detailed data going forward. Please refer to the Transactions Data Schema document for more details.
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🛠 Fixes & Improvements:

  • Updated response fields in Strategies API:
    • new provider field is added;
    • insert_id is removed from the response as internal and not useful for users field.
  • Filter by custodian field is deprecated and replaced with the source field in all Source Data APIs (Lots, Positions, RGLs, Balances.
  • Fixed an error in POST requests containing apostrophe in the request body.