Assign Accounts to Households

Provide a map keyed on string account_id with value of the household the account_id should be mapped to.

Example Request Body:

  "123456": 23,
  "123457": 23,
  "123458": 23,
  "123459": 24,
  "123460": 24,
  "123461": 24

The above payload would assign account IDs 123456, 123457, and 123458 to household_id 23. While the following
accounts are mapped to household_id 24.

NOTE: The /reporting/households/remap endpoint does not support removing accounts from households, only mapping accounts to specific households
or assigning an account from one household to another.

Alternatively, accounts can be assigned/unassigned households by updating the household_id on account(s) records directly via PUT requests.

Update a single account
Update multiple accounts