September 22, 2023 - v2023.1.0

🎉 New:
Our API Versioning approach has been changed from the traditional numeric versioning scheme (e.g. 1.0.0) to a more informative date-based versioning system. Our previous main v2.6.0 now is automatically defaulted to v2023.1. There is no service disruption and no any actions are required from you now!
For more details please visit API Versioning Overview and How to Consume New Versions pages in documentation.
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🛠 Fixes & Improvements:

  • TD Ameritrade (TDA) is removed from the list of our supported custodians across the documentation after their merge with Charles Schwab happened on September 2, 2023. But you still allowed to call Source Data APIs for historical TDA data available prior to conversion.
  • Fixed minor documentation issue for Households APIs.