Consuming API Versions

Specifying the Version of the API to Consume

To specify the version of the API you wish to use, provide the Accept-Version header along with your API requests:

Accept-Version: 2023.1

Request Example

curl --location --request GET '<'>  
--header 'Accept-Version: 2023.1'  
--header 'Authorization: Bearer \<YOUR_TOKEN>'  
--data-raw ''

To validate the version of the API that is being consumed, we have added a new header called X-Version that contains the version of the API response.

Is Specifying an API Version Required?

Specifying the API version in the Accept-Version header is not required. If a version isn't explicitly specified along with an API request, the version will be defaulted to 2023.1 of the API. All future versions released after 2023.1 will be opt-in and must be explicitly specified in a request's Accept-Version header in order to be consumed.

How Long will v2023.1 be the Default Version?

Version 2023.1 will remain the default version for the foreseeable future. If or when BridgeFT plans to deprecate version 2023.1 API Clients will be notified by BridgeFT's Support Team of the planned default version and be given ample timelines, migration guides, and support.