Errors Handling

BridgeFT WealthTech API platform follows the standards of the RESTful API architectural style with the common error codes being used. A typical error message from the WealthTech APIs is a json structure with the following fields:

KeyDescriptionWhen Presented
A message summarizing the problemAlways
Array of strings
A list of validation errors when invalid input data is providedValidation failure
A reference to an internally tracked errorAn unexpected error is encountered

Error Codes

WealthTech API uses conventional and commonly encountered HTTP status codes. 2xx codes indicate success; 4xx are expected errors likely resulting from an invalid input or authentication failure; 5xx is returned when there is a problem with the WealthTech API.

Response CodeDescription
Operation completed successfully.
An object or list of objects were successfully created.
Bad request
The request was unacceptable due to validation or a missing required input parameter for example.
Authentication failed. Incorrect or invalid Access Token key.
The authenticated user doesn't have permissions to complete the operation.
Not found
The resource or endpoint doesn't exist.
500, 502 or other 5xxAn unexpected error was encountered in the WealthTech API platform.
The request can't be completed within 3 minutes - our timeout window. We recommend providing filter and pagination parameters in the requests.


A basic error response message from the WealthTech API is a json response:

  "message": "Error message text"

Validation errors provide additional information when invalid data was sent in the request. In this case the validation_errors key is furnished, like following:

  "message": "Error message text",
  "validation_errors": [
    "ID is required",
    "Name is required",

Handling Errors

For all 4xx errors our general suggestion is to double check the next key moments:

  • your Access Key is correct and valid. Simply re-generate your new key if it is expired;
  • make sure you are sending the correct requests containing pagination parameters and all required fields which are specified in the API reference.

In case if you have encountered any unexpected 5xx errors, please contact our Customer Support Team via Zendesk Portal providing in the ticket an information about the API endpoint you tried to call, the event ID and the error description from the response:

  "message":"Failed to do something"