What is the Release of Information?

The Release of Information (ROI) process is a crucial step for authorizing data of Advisors. To grant access to accounts information for BridgeFT, each Advisor should submit an ROI request to their custodians. This process is not standardized and can take several days.

There are different ways for submitting ROI requests, commonly used by custodians:

  • Submitting requests through custodians' Client Portals using Advisors' login credentials;
  • Filling out a designated PDF file and signing it via DocuSign;
  • Sending text requests to custodians via email.

In this and linked documents, we provide thorough instructions about the ROI process specified for each of the custodians supported at BridgeFT.

Please note that without completing the ROI process, BridgeFT will not be able to provide your data via our platform. So, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the custodians' requirements for the release of information process.

BridgeFT's Integrated Data Providers and Their ROI Processes

Below is a brief summary of the data authorization request (ROI) processes, timelines, and communication methods for RIA custodians, back-office providers, and other primary data sources offered by BridgeFT. For detailed step-by-step guides for each of the custodians, please refer to the link in the last column.

Custodian IDCustodian NameAverage Processing Time*Request MethodROI Guide
APXApex Fintech Solutions3-6 business daysApex Service Center PortalApex Data Feed Authorization
DSTDST Systems7-10 business daysDST FANmail PortalDST Data Feed Authorization
FPRFidelity 401k / 403b5-8 business daysFidelity Integration Xchange PortalFidelity Data Feed Authorization
NFSFidelity Investments5-8 business daysFidelity Integration Xchange PortalFidelity Data Feed Authorization
IBKInteractive Brokers5-10 business daysEmailIBK Data Feed Authorization
PERPershing (inc. Shareholder Services Group)5-10 business daysEmailPershing / SSG Data Feed Authorization
SWBCharles Schwab5-8 business daysSchwab Client PortalSchwab Data Feed Authorization
EGBEaglebrook Advisors5-10 business daysEmailEaglebrook Data Feed Authorization
MLTMillennium Trust5-10 business daysEmailMillennium Trust Data Feed Authorization

*Average Processing Time

All timelines are estimations and are subject to each Custodian’s processing time. If there are delays at the Custodian, those delays will affect BridgeFT as well. Please be advised that BridgeFT is not involved in the Custodian approval process for the Release of Information. Therefore, after submitting an ROI request, we recommend that you follow up with the Custodian to ensure it has been processed and authorized.



We do not get notified about the Release of Information changes from the Custodians and they are subject to change at any time.

If you still have any questions or need additional information, you can connect with our Client Success Team at bridgeft.zendesk.com by opening a ticket anytime.