WealthTech API Postman Collection Setup

BridgeFT's WealthTech API adheres to the standards of the Open API concept. We maintain our OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) to keep them up to date and available for our clients to use as documentation and as a starting point for implementing your application integration.

To begin working with the WealthTech API, follow these steps:

  1. Get the latest version of our OAS:
    1. Open this link in your web browser: http://docs.bridgeft.com/openapi
    2. Click on the latest minor version available from the list, such as WealthTech API - v2023.1.
    3. Copy the URL link of the opened page:
  1. Set up Postman on your machine and create a new collection:
    1. Click the 'Import' button:

ii. Paste copied before BridgeFT's OAS URL (e.g., https://docs.bridgeft.com/openapi/650a0bad5c80fa001e1f9303) in the opened window:

iii. Select 'WealthTech API' and import the collection:

iv. Once the collection is imported, you will see a list of all APIs in your workspace:

That's all! Going forward, please remember to periodically check our Change Log to ensure you are using the latest API collection.

As a next step, with your Machine-to-Machine Authentication credentials, all you need is to obtain an API Key to start building your application integration with BridgeFT. For more details, please refer to the Authentication Guide.