April 10, 2024 - v.2023.1.0

🎉 New:
Added new trade_settle_ind field in Source Transactions API — this is an indicator to declare if the transaction records provided by the custodian is a trade or settlement date based. This field is filterable so you are able to retrieve transactions records from BridgeFT with the type required for your use case: T = Trade Date Based, S = Settlement Date Based.
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  • Added additional securities information available from Securities API:
    • bond-rating - the bond rating of bonds securities provided by the custodian (currently only supported for Pershing Securities)
    • maturity_date - the maturity date of bond securities provided by the custodian (currently only supported for Pershing Securities)
    • expiration_date - the expiration date of options, rights and warrants provided by the custodian (currently only supported for Pershing Securities)
  • Added ability to remove Accounts from Households using Update Accounts API — to unassign account(s) from household(s) simply send the PUT request with the entire account object where household_id = null. Please take note that existing Assign Accounts to Households API is NOT supporting unassign action. So please use Update Accounts API.
  • New Reporting Engine APIs Guide with a detailed instructions how to use this service is available here, as well as an explanations about the performance calculation methodology here.

🛠 Fixes & Improvements:

  • Start Printable PDF Reports Job endpoint — following fields are no longer required to trigger Printable Reports Job to generate the PDF reports:
    • standard_period_month - is deprecated
    • standard_period_year - is deprecated
    • standard_period_frequency - is deprecated
    • entity_ids - is updated to account_ids and household_ids to accept respective values
    • email_notification - is deprecated
    • client_accessible - is deprecated
    • tags - is deprecated
    • web_report - is deprecated
  • Web Reports API — updated documentation and description with the added list of all reports available in our Reporting Engine.
  • Report Settings endpoint is deprecated and will be unavailable in the next version.
  • Added editable fields schema and descriptions for each of the PUT endpoints specs.
  • Added schema and all available body params for GET Latest Source Data endpoints. Please find the improved spec, for example, for Latest Lots endpoint here.
  • Added explanation for related field in Source Data APIs. You may find it in Source Lots API spec, for example, here.
  • Added cusip and security_type fields in the Securities API response documentation. cusip field is also filterable in Filter Securities API.
  • Updated documentation for Billing Reports API — added all supported body params and fields descriptions.